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Helping professionals in achieving quality life through holistic education and coaching on health and wellness - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



When I left my last corporate job, I was in my mid 40s, feeling depleted and very overweight.

Like most corporate jobholders, I worked overtime, no time to exercise, stressed up and comfort myself through food. I was so exhausted by weekend that I rather sleep through the weekend than to do anything. My social circle was only my colleagues and my family. I lost touch with most of my friends, except occasional look into the social media to know what they are doing.

After I left my job, the first thing was that I wanted to lose weight. It is not just about my look, but my health. I was often breathless after a short walk and my knee hurt. On top of that, I injured my right ankle a few years before, so having those extra weight did not help my ankle to support me. I ended up limping and my posture was affected. I often dislocated my ankle. I know I have to do something already.

I know I need to change my lifestyle. I started with my eating. I need to lose weight first through diet as exercising at that stage would do more harm to my knees and ankle. I started cooking my own meals. With that, I lost 5 kg and 3 inches off my waist in 2 months. I felt so good. No more limping and my knees no longer hurt. I did not have ankle dislocation for a long time. Then I started walking and light jog into my exercise routine. I also work on my emotional issues that I was having then. I lost another 2kg and 1 inch off my waist. 

Incorporating cooking and 30 mins exercise everyday may be a luxury for busy people like you and me. So I come out with bite size workout (not more that 10 mins, some even 1 minute!) and simple meal planning and recipes. Want to know more? Check out my Facebook Page: Janus Coaching Space for more tips.

See you there.


Janus is an ICF certified coach, ACTA certified training specialist, licensed facilitator for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Foundation), yoga therapist, fitness instructor and an entrepreneur. She has also done traditional Chinese medicine course with Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.




My first session with Janus already wow'ed me. She impressed me with her thoughtfulness and thoroughness in her coaching -- she posed her questions in an unthreatening and non-judgmental manner, patiently guiding my responses toward a discovery, an insight about myself that surprised the both of us. Janus helped me move closer to the root cause of some of issues, such as about procrastination. We strategized about how I can change my behavior, yet not change who I am as an individual. I find that valuable. I recommend Janus to anyone serious about improving themselves, but not in ways that would render us unauthentic.

Lim Wee Kiat (PhD), Senior Research Fellow