Helping professionals in achieving quality life through holistic education and coaching on health and wellness - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Janus is a Discovery Life Coach, helping capable professionals discover their hidden potential through result orientated conversation and mindfulness methodology to achieve their personal and professional goals.

As a child, Janus was labelled as an average child by her teachers. She did well for all her subjects except math which she barely passed. Everyone believed she was careless. The common comment on her report books would be “Did well in all her subjects, but very careless in math. Room for improvement.” Despite her parents sent her for tuition, but it did not get any better. In the end, her parents gave up and accepted the fact that their daughter would be average.

It was until when she was in her mid 20s, a church friend who studied psychology suspected that she might be different. It turned she has dyslexia. That was why she was always “careless”. Instead of what was presented on papers, for example 123”45”,  her brain would register it as 123”54”.

That was a breakthrough as Janus believed for a long time that she was an average. There were other things that she fared well, but she only saw what she was told when she was a child. She decided to pursue her dream and quit her 9 - 5 desk bound job which was not bringing her joy. She got herself certified as a fitness and yoga instructor. She pursued 2 degrees – one in Business Studies and  another one in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She set up her own yoga studio and a TCM clinic for a local pharaceutical company. She later got herself certified as a ACTA certified trainer and ICF certified coach.

During her journey, she has seen many people who were like her, never believed that they can do more than what they were told. They have dreams and passions but never pursue because they saw them as “not possible”. She also see the same pattern happening to parents these days creating limiting beliefs in their children. This in turn causing another generation harm until some day someone breaks the chain.

In her walk as a Discovery Coach, she had helped many professionals to realise their blind spots and overcome limiting beliefs, so that they unleash their potentials to pursue their passions.




My first session with Janus already wow'ed me. She impressed me with her thoughtfulness and thoroughness in her coaching -- she posed her questions in an unthreatening and non-judgmental manner, patiently guiding my responses toward a discovery, an insight about myself that surprised the both of us. Janus helped me move closer to the root cause of some of issues, such as about procrastination. We strategized about how I can change my behavior, yet not change who I am as an individual. I find that valuable. I recommend Janus to anyone serious about improving themselves, but not in ways that would render us unauthentic.

Lim Wee Kiat (PhD), Senior Research Fellow

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