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  • Janus Chan

Are you outstanding enough?

Do you remember the young multi-lingual Cambodian boy, Thuch Salik, who made headlines to the media? A Chinese businessman sponsored him to study in China after learning about him.

We may say that this young man has his lucky break and not everyone has his luck. Whether we have his luck or not, he desire to succeed has clearly shown before he was sponsored to study in China.

Thuch Salik was like any kids running in the tourist market trying to get the tourists to buy souvenirs. What he caught the eye of the tourists was not because he was quicker to shove his stuff to the tourists, but his ability to speak more than 10 languages. I believe the other kids work as hard as Salik to get their business, but instead of doing things differently, they chose to sell the same souvenirs the same way as what others are doing. Salik, knowingly or unknowingly, gets his breakthrough by doing things differently.

We often wonder why we never get that promotion, get the business deal or even get the job that we have been eyeing. More than often, we have been doing the same thing over and over again to get ourselves notice. We try to work harder than our competitors by using the same method. Yet, there is nothing special with our works that makes us more outstanding than our competitors. We are like the other kids in the Cambodian market trying to shove our souvenirs to the tourists.

Before you give up, perhaps you can ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you know your competitors and clients? 

2) Do you know what does it take to get to your goals?

3) Why should your boss promote you? Why should your clients choose your business proposal? Why should you be selected for the job? What is so special about you?

4) Do you have the skills and knowledge to get to where you want? If no, what do you have to do to get there?

Are you a Salik or are you the rest of the kids?