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Mindful Eating during Festive Season

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

We all know how mindfulness can help us through different situations and challenges. By being mindful, we are more apt to attain our goals that we set for ourselves.

By being mindful, we are at the mental state that we are focusing our awareness on the present moment that we are in. When we apply mindfulness in eating during this coming festive season, we can appreciate using our five senses to our food. Here are the difference between mindless eating and mindful eating.

How do we practise mindfulness eating during this festive season?

1) Chew your food thoroughly

We can appreciate the taste of the food better when we chew thoroughly. The food is better digested before it goes into our digestive systems. At the same time, your mind can register your intake, so that you will not overeat.

2) Realign the purpose of your meal gathering

Normally, gathering during the year end festive season is a time for us to catch up with friends whom we have not met up for long time like classmates, BFFs, ex-colleagues or even company gathering. Treat this occasion as a time to build relationship.

3) Choice of places of gathering

Try to vary the choices of food. Instead of having buffet all the time, try to schedule different types of cuisine and choices of restaurants.

4) Put your smartphones away during mealtime

The biggest mistake is to keep yourself busy with your smartphones. It can be disruptive to your gathering and also you will tend to overeat. By putting the phones away, you can have a more enjoyable time with your friends and enjoy your food.

5) Plan your invitations

Check to see if you need to accept every invitation. We always have a choice to say no. Adjust your intake of food, especially when you tend to have a very tight schedule for gathering.

6) Difference between savouring your meal and overeating

By eating more than you can handle, you are at a risk of putting toil on your digestive system. Needless say, it will lead to weight gain.

When we eat mindfully, we chew the food thoroughly and using our five senses to appreciate our food - sight, smell, taste, feel and sound. This is also a way that we show appreciation to the person who prepares the meal for us!