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  • Janus Chan

You are never too old to set new goals 

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I am too old for this?" Let me share a story of my mum. She was born in Singapore in the mid 1940s. When my mum was a teenager, she had to stop school and helped with her parents to support the family. My mum has always the desire to learn. When we were more grown up and financially more stable, she took up baking course in her 40s. She has always wanted to learn English, so she studied night classes with people who are probably 20 years younger than her. She finished the advanced course. She went on to learn about computers and singing. At the age of 77 now, my mum still continues to upgrade herself by going for talks and workshops. Her background and age has not been an excuse for her to stop learning. She just did it. Our age is not a reason for not having another dream or another goal. It's our mindset. As long as we are breathing and alive, there is no reason why we should stop starting another chapter in our life. So what new chapter that you would like to start today? #januscoachingspace #janusdiscoverycoach #turnprocrastinationintomotivation #mindset #paradigm #paradigmshift #mindful #mindfulness #selftalk